False rape accusations

One of the most glaring instances that comes to mind when thinking of false accusations is the story of Emmett Till. This 14 year old black boy was murdered because a white woman lied about him “whistling” and “touching” her. He was killed in the most brutal of ways and then thrown in a creek. All because this woman lied.

Mind you, this sack of shit racist fuck later admitted that she made up many parts of her accusation story. However, in 1955 America (has it really changed) an all white jury let the killers go. The only upside to this horrid event is that his mom, a very smart, forward thinking woman insisted on having an open casket at the funeral. She used her suffering to send a message, and this helped light a fire on the civil rights movement. Thank you for your bravery, mom.

I don’t think that it’s a stretch to say, that had these racist pieces of shit not murdered this young boy, that he would have been jailed for the rest of his life, if he even made it to the point of being arrested (has that changed?) It’s sickening to me that someone’s life could completely be ruined over someone falsely saying, “rape.” That is utterly disgusting and most dangerous for communities of color.

Over the last few days, I’ve seen the story of VanDyke Perry and Gregory Counts, who were accused of raping a woman. The two men had always maintained their innocence, and they argued that had the DNA evidence been examined, they would have seen it wasn’t them. However, with no evidence, they sent these men to prison for a combined 3 decades based off of a lie. The woman later admitted that her then boyfriend told her to lie about them to get revenge over some beef they had. Her lying cost these men their lives. Why isn’t she being held accountable for that? She cost these men their lives, she cost us thousands and thousands in tax payer funds, and she’s living her life like nothing happened? She needs to be held accountable for this!

These stories go on and on. Recently, we have seen the rise of the #metoo movement, and men who have actually committed horrible crimes are being held accountable for those crimes! Rightfully so, they should be punished! My words are not meant to hurt or discredit this much needed movement. However, lies and actions like the aforementioned do hurt the movement. All that being said, what do we do about situations like these? Situations where a man is innocent, yet serves decades in prison, or loses their lives over a damn lie! We need a movement to punish people who lie about rape or any crime!

Watch this video, as the black man approaches her, this woman yells, “Rape, Rape, Rape.” Pre-camera or in 1955 America, that was enough to send this innocent man to prison or even 6 feet under. Why does she get away with this?

That crazy ass woman did exactly what the murderess of Emmitt Till did. Yes, I called her a murderess because her actions were directly responsible for his death. If I am standing around a guy who kills someone, they will try to punish me for the crime as well, so why wasn’t this bitch punished for her actions once she confessed to lying? I don’t care if she was dying, she should have died behind bars!

In the video above, the woman clearly lies, but the man is filming it. It’s funny how once she realizes that she’s being filmed she cuts out the dramatics. Stupid piece of trash. I think that this woman, and any one who has ever lied and tried to get someone jailed for rape or any other false accusation should receive jail time. If a man serves a decade in prison, the false accuser should serve no less than a decade in prison. Mind you, I’m speaking on false rape accusations, but I’d apply this rule to any lie that costs anyone their freedom. This is some serious bullshit and those who are a part of it should pay a hefty price.

What are your thoughts on this?

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