Fat and snoring?

Let’s talk about being fat and snoring. Check this out folks, I am sure that being fat will and can certainly exacerbate things if you have a snoring problem. However, is being fat in and of itself the cause of sleep apnea and snoring? Well, I’m no doctor, but I can tell you this cool little tidbit based on my own life experience. Even when I had a rock hard six pack, my then live in girlfriend would complain that I sounded like a truck snoring. She’d make me wear those sticky nose strips to try and help, they did not. Fortunately for me, (or not, depending how you look at it) she could still sleep through it.

Fast forward several years to my marriage. Now I’m fatter, and still snoring. This time around though, it’s not just snoring, it’s fat guy snoring. Add to that a wife that could NOT sleep through it, and you have a problem. For many months we slept in separate rooms, simply because she could not sleep through my loud thunder truck snoring.

I understood her plight because my cousin and I spent a few days in Chicago, and this dude snored louder than I did, and I could not sleep through it! LOL. I remember how frustrating and hard it was to be in the same room as this mack truck snoring, and I had no objection to either of us sleeping in a different room. This eventually led to me seeing a sleep specialist, determining that I have sleep apnea, and my introduction to the cpap.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve reclaimed my health, and dropped a ton of weight. Sometimes I pass out cold and don’t put on the cpap, but unlike in the past, my wife doesn’t leave the room or kick me out. I asked her if I still snore, and she said yes, but that the intensity of it is not as bad, and she can actually fall asleep for sometime.

I think it’s logical to conclude that any health problems would be made worse if you are overweight. This held true with my blood pressure, and now held true with the snoring. Will losing weight stop your snoring altogether? Well that depends on the individual and how bad they personally have it. For me, it did not, and dropping weight did not eliminate my need for blood pressure meds either, but it did allow me to lower the dosage.

It’s safe to say that getting fatter can and will make your health worst. Although, we can say that this applies to everything when it comes to health, it only gets worse if you are overweight.

Mind you, I’m not talking about body image, or the mental aspects or perceived beauty of it. I don’t care what you find beautiful or not, that’s between you and your maker. I’m not expressing my opinions on appearances or social constructs. I’m speaking solely from a health and wellness standpoint. Regardless of the politically correct nonsense being shoved down our throats, being overweight is not healthy. Period.

So, how’s this for a reason to get healthier? If you won’t do it for yourself, how about you give your partner some better sleep?

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