Father beats man to death

The short version of this story is that a father was told that a man attempted to enter a bathroom stall where his daughter was at. What followed was an ass whooping of epic proportions that left the man dead. Melvin Harris has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.

I’m having a hard time with this case because there are so many unknowns. I honestly think that it could have been handled better. However, none of us know what may have been said during their conversation prior to the attack that left Leon Leevon Armstrong dead.

As a father, and a person who very much hates child molesters, I can emphatize with Harris because most of us fathers would do whatever it takes to protect our children.

Where it gets tricky is that at the time of the attack, the child was no longer under any immediate threat. With that being considered, it exposes Harris to this situation. The better thing to do would have been to notify and wait for authorities to arrive.

I can’t help but think that Armstrong may have said something to make this man assault him this way. But this is all speculation. Another thing to consider is whether or not he knew that someone was in the stall or not. It is entirely possible that he tried to open it thinking that it was empty? Again, speculation.

Harris’ fiancee stands by him and supports his actions. Many people do. This is a tough one, but I hope that the truth comes out, and if this man was in fact trying to get at his daughter, and provoked the reaction, then Harris’ should walk.

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