FBI To Take Down Hillary Clinton

How many times have you seen that headline? How about a post that says “The FBI has information that will destroy Hillary Clinton’s White House bid.” Well, okay, where the hell is it? I’m so tired of hearing about it and seeing these posts from people who promise that the FBI has some super duper evidence to take her down.

What the heck are you waiting for? Either you have it and you use it, or you don’t have it and you shut the heck up about it already. So what’s it going to be? Will the server be used to get her taken down? Will it be Benghazi? What do you have, and what exactly are you waiting for? Are you waiting for her to win the election to take action? Get with the program people!

Either way, can we please just get on with this so that it’s just over and done with? I’m so utterly sick and tired of seeing Hillary Clinton’s face already. It’s bad enough that these horrible delegates are not respecting the voice of the people, and vote for her when we clearly want Bernie. It’s bad enough that us Independent voters couldn’t properly select our desired candidate in cities with closed primaries. But, in addition to all that, you gotta keep on talking about the freaking FBI and this super damning evidence that they have?

Well, it’s time to either put out, or get out. Man, do it, or shut the hell up about it!

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