Feed Your Dog

The dog was a loyal companion, he always walked beside his master, he licked her, snuggled up to her, and adored her with all his existence. In return, the dog asked only for those short walks, affection, a clean wee wee pad, water and food. So long as those needs were met, the dog was the most loyal pet you could find.

One day, the delicious smell of food stopped coming. The dog looked eagerly at his master, “What’s happening, where’s that delicious food smell?” This wasn’t the only change, the walks also became shorter and less frequent, as did the affection. The dog was confused, did he do something wrong? Why was his master treating him this way?

The master went over and lightly, quickly pet him. He looked at her, and she gave him some water and a bit of dry food. The dog was starving and looking forward to that grade A meal that he always received, but he ate the dry food. He really had no choice, and he still very much loved his master.

As the time passed, he began to regularly receive dry food, and the smell of good food was long gone. The walks were brief, if ever, and affection was nearly all but gone. All this really upset the dog, but most of all, he missed that real food. For those of you who are not aware, a dog’s sense of smell is their strongest sense! The amount of space dedicated to their brain for smell is FORTY times larger than a human’s! He really missed that smell.

The dog was unhappy, but thankful that he still had a home, a loving master, and most of what his adoption arrangement entailed. As time passed, the dog realized that the dry food was becoming less and less in frequency. Even more confusion set in as he wondered why this was happening? Not only did he lose the great meals, but now his dry food was becoming less and less. He wondered, he asked, what did he do wrong? No answers came, only confusion and uncertainty. He was a good dog, cute, did what dogs do, yet this was happening to him, but why?

The dog was still loyal as can be, but by now he was becoming emaciated, and his instincts for survival began to kick in. His thoughts became of self preservation. He was hardly ever taken on walks anymore, but when he was, he could smell the food on other dog’s breath, he could smell it on the hands of their masters as they passionately pet him, and he could see how much heavier these other dogs were compared to him.

On occasion, an outside master offered him a “treat,” and though he felt that it may be a betrayal to his master, he nibbled on it. Eventually realizing that this was all the food he would be getting, he began to rely on that kindness from outsiders. He often fantasized about what life would be like with them, and he spent a lot of his time thinking about the delicious smell of food on their hands.

One day, the dog’s master tied him up to a fire hydrant, but the leash was slack, and he had lost lots of weight, so he was able to easily squeeze his neck out and began to slowly walk away. He saw one of the other dogs and their master who was always kind to him, he began to walk with them.

“Oh no, you poor doggy, you are lost. Let’s get you home and find your owner. Look at you, you must be starving! Let’s get you a nice big meal into that empty belly!”

And so it was, the dog finally ate a full meal!

Had his master been feeding him all along, he would have remained that loyal dog, eagerly looking into the shop, waiting excitedly for her return. However, hunger got the best of this dog, and like all dogs will, he eventually wandered.

Ladies and gentlemen, feed your dog!

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