Finch is a post apocalyptic film that follows the life of one man, his dog and a few helpful robots.

Tom Hanks once again delivers on a solo performance, but instead of a soccer ball, this time he has a dog and robots to talk to.

Finch (Tom Hanks) is sick and he knows that he is dying, so he builds a robot named Jeff that will be left behind to care for his dog. Finch really loves that dog.

The film is very dramatic right from the start. They show us a quiet post apocalyptic world, then shortly thereafter take us into a wild storm that forces Finch and company from their present home and everything that can go wrong does. Thankfully they don’t spend too much time dealing with the post apocalyptic criminal types one might expect to encounter in a world like this one. There is a moment where I feared they might take it there, but it is very brief.

The film truly focuses on Jeff and his relationship with the dog. Finch wants to teach him how to take care of the dog when he is gone. You see Finch is trying his best to teach Jeff and also have the dog warmup to him. But the dog isn’t really feeling him.

Together they take a treacherous journey across the U.S that is filled with humor, sadness, tension and ultimately a bitter sweet close.

Finch is a great apple original film and I highly recommend watching it.

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