Finding her magic

Sometimes we forget who we are, life really has a way of doing that. This is what happened to her.

Her life was simple, filled with routine, and like so many of us she became slightly complacent. Much like you and I, she woke up everyday, she brushed her teeth, bathed, ate breakfast, and went to perform her work.

Let’s talk about her work, another important point that she apparently forgot. She did really good work, perhaps she didn’t remember it anymore, but she was in the work of saving and healing. She needed reminding of this, the universe through him would remind her.

Healers have always been viewed as important people within their respective societies. Perhaps in today’s jaded world where everyone with a search engine thinks they are a doctor, they are not as appreciated. Perhaps she herself became lost in the mundane tasks of it all and no longer appreciated who she was and the great work she did? All the same, this is what she does, she is a modern day healer. She needed to be reminded of what she does. He saw what she did, and he appreciated it. He’d tell her.

She kept a simple diet, worked towards health as time permitted, and she had few friends. She is a friendly woman, though in her present life her circle was small. He would see to it that this circle would grow by at least one man in the coming days. He sought entry, and since the moment never came, he himself created the opening to enter her circle, to his great surprise, she welcomed him in.

One day as they spoke, he mentioned how he perceived her as so sexy, hot, beautiful. He told her how her being, her essence, it called to him like the birds are called to the sweet nectar of flowers. He could not believe that she’d never heard such wonderful things about herself before. She struggled with accepting these words as real. But he would not accept that, and he repeated it to her, he explained that this was his perception of her, and that no one else’s opinion matters. She was still doubtful, unsure, but he planted the seed in her mind’s eye. Once that seed is planted, one can’t help but explore it, can they? We are only human.

She found herself realizing that she was in fact beautiful, and that yes, she was sexy and she was hot. She felt good and she was enjoying the way she felt. His words had started to help her tap into her true womanhood. She was recognizing her girl magic. Perhaps she never heard it, or maybe she hadn’t heard it in a long time, but whether she knew it or not, she had the magic of woman. He wanted to make sure that she knew this. She was working her girl magic on him, whether intentional or not. She had that magic, and she must be made aware of this.

The magic of woman which can accomplish oh so much. Be it the shy yet sly smile, the dark beautiful ocean contained within her eyes, or the endless experiences she’s had over her lifetime. Her being stimulated his soul. Physically, emotionally, and every which way, she had the formula to awaken his dormant sensitivities. He made no secret of it and she appreciated him for it. It seemed that they were awakening each other’s inner most desires. For with his words and confessions, she started to find her girl magic. She shared it with him. Her excitement over it was apparent to him, as was her apprehension. The two sides in the coin of life. Still, he found great pleasure in her discoveries. It made him smile that she was realizing who she was and what she innately had within herself: Girl magic.

She began to allow herself to enjoy the moment, believing what he perceived, as we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She enjoyed it and she felt good. She confessed a momentary lapse where once again she returned to life. Once again to experience the humbling mundane. Still yet, he sought to show her that in the mundane there too was magic. The magic of her womanhood is always present. She needs to know and embrace this. Her magic doesn’t disappear because of what she was doing or where she is, it’s always there. He hoped she knew this. He would tell her that she is a magical woman always and forever.

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