Finish line furniture fell on little girl

This weekend I was shopping for sneakers with my wife and Peppa. One of the stores we went to was finish line inside of Macys.

While we were there I noticed a little girl messing around with the furniture and it wobbled. She was startled by the loss of balanced and moved back. She righted herself and I figured she understood what almost happened and would stop. I didn’t say anything to the parents.

Then she started messing around with it again. So I was making my way over to her dad to inform him that I felt his daughter was about to break her face. He was talking to someone and before I could cut in, *BANG* there she goes.

We reacted just quick enough to keep the table from smashing her face in. However, one of the display cases slammed into her leg. That’s when the painful screaming commenced. She was okay, but its definitely gonna leave a mark.

I felt terrible because I saw it coming, and if I were a bit more aggressive or firm, I might have saved her that embarrasment and pain. But I didn’t feel comfortable disrupting the conversation. I tried to help, I did try.

I’m sorry kid. I hope you learned your lesson the second time though. Please don’t climb on loose (or any) furniture. And for the parents, please watch your kid!

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