First day of Intermittent fasting

So for many months now I have been keenly aware of this diet, or rather lifestyle called intermittent fasting. There are many philosophies and approaches that people take around it, too many that I don’t care to name. This information is already out there, and I’m not going to overtake them on google searches, so I’m not gonna waste my time duplicating content.

For my purposes I’m implementing the methods that were spoken about by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. I figure if I’m going to do this, then I may as well take the advice of an actual scientist who is also applying this as opposed to some broscience bullshit out there. She has thoroughly researched it and worked with one of the top research experts in the field.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick stated that a 10 hour eating window yielded gains in lean muscle mass without any other major changes being made. A 9 hour eating window yielded the best returns in terms of endurance and resistance. I’ve decided to implement the 10 hour eating window for my purposes. It’s all extremely fascinating stuff, and with her backing it, I had to look into it.

One thing Dr. Patrick stated was that anything other than water stops the fast. Yes, if you drink coffee, herbal tea, even vitamins, anything that your liver has to metabolize, then you’ve started the eating clock. A lot of people like to drink these things and still think they are in a fasted state. Technically speaking, your liver has started working and your fast is broken.

I’m an all or nothing person, if I’m going to do this, then I’m going to do it for real. As I said, I opted for a 10 hour eating window. Today is my second day doing this. Yesterday I was okay in terms of hunger, but I was really stuffed from overeating during the weekend. Today I woke up a bit hungrier because my body is pretty much done removing all the garbage from the weekend.

The next few days will determine how I truly respond to this in terms of hunger, but right now, I’m pretty hungry. But I only just woke up, we’ll see how things go when I get to the office and start working throughout the day. I have to hold off to 11am according to my Zero app, I kind of miscalculated my start and end time. I had my window from noon to 9pm and that actually is a 9 hour window, but I wanted to do the 10 hour window.

The question then becomes, do I want to start eating at 11am and end at 9pm, or keep it at noon and end at 10pm. I’m going to think about about that for a bit, I think I prefer the later one because it allows me to continue to take my Monday Zumba classes. I mean, I can’t train until 930pm and not eat. Perhaps I can make that 10 hour window apply on monday, and do the earlier one the rest of the week. However, lunch was my first meal and seemed to make things simpler for me. If I start eating at 11am, then it complicates my eating plans unless I shift my lunch hours.

Anyway, I feel fine this morning. I’m a bit hungry, but not starving. My energy is fine, but I was a bit sleepy yesterday. However, I didn’t use my cpap last night, so that could be a factor. Let’s see how things continue to go over the next few days.

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