First week of Testosterone Replacement Therapy TRT

Tomorrow I will inject myself with a second dose of Testosterone Cypionate. Last week Thursday was my first dose. As a TLDR, needles suck, I didn’t experience any major side effects other than a bit of pain and itching.

After years of trying to raise my testosterone naturally, through diet, training, supplements, and so on. I have finally accepted that perhaps I do need some medical help. I really didn’t want to become a prisoner of lifelong therapies, and I definitely didn’t want to have anything to do with injections. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have been horrified of needles since childhood, the thought of having to self-administer an injection in my stomach made me want to puke.

Yet, here we are, one week later. Against all belief, I actually injected myself in the stomach. I was with the tech and I asked him, are you doing this, or am I doing this? He replied I would prefer if you did it because you will have to do it going forward. Up until that point, I wasn’t nervous and it was just a matter of fact for me. However, once I grabbed the needles and started to prepare the injection, that’s when the nerves hit. I was terrified like I said, childhood trauma. They used to strap me in with velcro on a board of sorts to give me injections and draw my blood. Yeah, trauma.

In any case, I’m a grown-ass man now, and despite that underlying fear, I followed instructions and did the deed. We can’t be fighting and throwing a fit at this age. So I stuck the needle in my belly fat and pushed the solution into my body slowly. You’ll find that the T is thick and oily, so it will offer some resistance and pushback, but you have to push slowly and steadily otherwise you can cause tissue damage. This means I had to endure this torture even longer while doing it myself.

The injection itself wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fun. After injecting it, the area where it was inserted hurt a bit. It wasn’t unbearable, but it was a painful sting. It continued to bother me for a while after. There was a little bit of blood, but a bandaid took care of that. Over the next few days, I occasionally felt discomfort and periods of itchiness. I did my best to ignore it and carry on with my life.

I didn’t really feel any major results just yet, but my cardio sessions got longer and stronger. The resistance just felt easier so I have to put it up. Now this could be all in my head as I believe this takes a while to kick in, but the reality is that I had a much stronger session this past week. I’m also more inspired to train harder. My thought process is, if I’m putting this garbage into my body, I better make it count in every way possible.

I’ve noticed that I wake up with more morning wood and the erections are stronger. That could be due to a combination of things, but I think today was the most powerful ones I’ve felt in a while. It is still too early to really tell, but I am excited about things to come, and I hope they are good things. I’ve had a rough couple of years with fitness and injuries and I like to believe that I am due for some relief. This, along with physical therapy and BPC 157 are all parts of the long term plan. I’ll keep you posted on how things proceed. So far so good.

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