Fit women motivate me

Generally, when a man looks at a really fit or hot woman, he may be attracted to her. I’m not going to act holier than thou and state that I don’t feel the same way, cause I do. However, in addition to that physical attraction, seeing that also motivates me on a different level.

When I see a really fit and beautiful woman, once we get past the initial attraction, I’m moved in this other way. What I mean is that I can appreciate the beauty of her body on another level besides that primal male attraction and desire. We are not even speaking about the person, their personality, and all the other beautiful traits that we humans possess. I’m speaking solely on the physical level at the moment.

I love fitness, I love visibly fit bodies, and I want mine to be more in that way. When I see a stomach like the one in the picture above, it drives me to train harder, to eat cleaner, and to continue on this seemingly impossible journey towards a lean body. Sure, I think she is extremely beautiful. But from a fitness standpoint, she motivates me to want to be better. I appreciate her as a beautiful woman, but I also appreciate her as someone who drives and motivates me towards my own fitness goals.

What are some of the things that motivate you to train harder?

Angel Rodriguez

Please take note of the date on a post. Over the years my views have evolved. I'm constantly learning and growing.
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