The Flag That Offended Foreigners

Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear that the flag of United States of America offends immigrants in the United States of America. This concept is absolutely baffling to me, the fact that an American institution would even consider supporting or removing OUR flag to “not offend” a foreigner literally makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me want to go over to the person that has said or done this and spit right in their face. Yes, I said that, I want to SPIT IN YOUR FACE! The level of disgust that I feel is that deep!

Do you not understand that by allowing this, you are allowing them to take over our home? Our way has always been to embrace the tired, poor, etc. However, what about embracing us? I never read anything in our Constitution that said that we had to change our ways to “not offend” the people who come to this country from other lands.

The flag, Old Glory, is one of the most fundamental symbolsof this country. It doesn’t get anymore basic than the flag. Yet, there are Americans that would remove our flag because it may be offensive to someone who is here from another country? Are you out of your freaking minds? Run with this, get offended, I’m going to say it again, I’d like to spit in your face; you disgust me! This is not about nationalism. This is not about intolerance. This is just plain old insanity!

I dare you; I will give you everything that I own if you go to China, Japan, Russia, or Korea, and try to ban their flag! No other country would tolerate or even consider this for one second. How is it possible that we have Americans here that would? It is the flag of our nation. The flag of our nation! I cannot believe that I have to write a post about this topic. This is just sickening.

Patriots, defend the country they are inside

look what they’ve been doing all the games that they devise

conquer and divide split us up in many groups

claiming that they are loyal, slip a knife right into you

pull it out, point the finger other side

so now you blame him, spread the wealth, you are denied

~Warrior’s Anthem – Yours truly

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