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These guys are quick to get you in, but slow once you are inside. As always due to my lack of planning skill, this mothers day we were yet again walking around trying to find a place to eat. We met up at the Seaport in Fulton street, there are plenty of places there, but most seem overpriced and touristy. So we decided to try this place. Bad move.

Upon entering and being seated, after sometime a waiter came by and said I’ll be with you in 5 minutes. That’s a pretty specific number, lol. Anyway, he didn’t show up for a long time, and when he eventually did, he was rushing and seemed very impatient to just take our order and move on. Not friendly AT ALL.

A busboy eventually brought over some hard, cold bread, no butter, nothing. One thing I will say, the bus boy seemed more attentive than the waiter. Like I said before the waiter rushed when he showed up, but he was slow to show up. Some combination eh?

The food presentation was by far one of the most terrible I have seen. The appetizers looked like they got a dog and had it sh*t out crab cakes and chicken wings. Surprisingly however the appetizers tasted ok, considering the hideous presentation. Blame the food network for our attention to the details, such as presentation.

I had the pan seared Tilapia with mashed potatoes. Now for those of you that don’t know me, I have high blood pressure, so I tend to avoid high salt items, and so on. For that purpose, this meal was perfect. The bland mashed potatoes, absolutely tasteless were wonderful for someone like me, I suppose I should be thankful to these folks for looking out for my health. The fish at least didn’t take fishy or terrible, it had some flavor, but barely noticeable.

My little sister had the penne a la vodka, I had some of it, and this dish at least had a descent flavor, you could taste something. The ravioli which my mom and a friend of hers had was not too good, I tried it also and it just tasted funky. My mom ate her friends portion as she simply couldn’t stomach it. My wife had the spaghetti, this was drenched in salt and parmesan cheese so it eventually tasted ok, I could sort of eat it.

Overall the meal, the experience left something to be desired, and the likelihood of us ever returning here is slim to none. This place is best avoided.

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