Fool threatens to call in fake armed robbery for open carry.

This reminds me of a prank phone call that I heard. During the prank, the gentlemancontinued to tease the victim. At one point, she states that she was going to go to the police department and report him for rape. A false rape accusation over a prank call, seems legit. Never mind that it is not true, once reported, the law will have to take action. That’s just the way it is.


Well, in this case, this idiot is threatening to breakthe law! She is saying that she will do this in order to stop something that actually complies withthe law, since she doesn’t like it. This makes perfect sense, right? People like this should be put in prison as a punishment for misusing, and lying to law enforcement.

On the unrelated matter of rape, I feel that anyone who reports a false rape, should also serve some jail time. Lives are ruined over those lies, and you should be held accountable for them.

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