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Fort Hood General Mark Milley says no conceal carry on base!

It would appear that we as soldiers are only good enough to carry guns, when we are shooting at someone whom the government wants us to shoot at. However, when it comes to shooting someone who is attempting to murder us on base, at home, or abroad, then we are not responsible enough to have guns. The concept of a soldier not being able to carry a gun, a person that is by definition required to use guns, just absolutely baffles me.

General Milley believes that there are men and women who are trained to respond to situations such as the Fort Hood shooting. He proudly states that law enforcement personnel took only 10-15 minutes to arrive on the scene of the crime. Granted, 10-15 minutes is not a bad response time. We are all reasonable people here and can acknowledge that the police cannot be everywhere all the time. So yes, I will agree that 10-15 minutes is a good time for the police to arrive, after a shooting happens. However, we all know that the police arrive after the fact, they seldom prevent crimes, and arrive to perform the clean up duty. 

This is not a knock on our law enforcement. We all know that they have a tough job, one that keeps them busy and all over the place. This is why I support our second amendment rights, and I’m sure most officers would agree. They cannot be everywhere all the time. That’s reasonable. That being said, when a maniac shows up and attempts to shoot up a bunch of people, I support our right to be able to stop the shooter with our very own hail of bullets. We would gladly explain to the law officers what happened, while we are alive, in contrast to explaining via forensics or ballistics as we lay dead.

General Milley, I ask you to reconsider your position, and with all due respect, to your service, and all that you have done for the country, please get your head out of your ass on this issue.

This post was originally featured on The Wayne Dupree show.

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