Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Green Screen

Sometime ago I wanted to make more “professional” youtube videos. As part of that process I wanted to purchase a green screen. After some research, I came across the fotodiox pro collapsible green screen.

Space is always an issue for people like me who live in an apartment, so the fact that this thing was collapsible and easy to store was really cool. Unfortunately for me, I’m too damn busy to constantly put it up and take it down. Since my wife was opposed to me leaving it set up, I realized that I would not consistently be using this. If I had a dedicated media room, then definitely.

In any case, that has nothing to do with the product itself. I like this thing. I found that I had to work in tight because though it is relatively big, it’s not all that big. But it works pretty cool. It comes in a round bag, and has these plastic edges that come undone and expand when you open it. To put it away, you fold them back up. It’s a bit of a science, but once you get how to open and collapse it, you’ll be fine.

The green screen comes with a stand to attach to, and you can put it long or wide. But again, the size is slightly limited so you’ll probably notice you have to keep the camera close. I was using it for commentary video, so for me, this worked just fine.

The company’s customer support was spectacular. The first order I place had a bit of a tear on the green screen, and it was noticeable on my videos, so I reached out. They simply just sent me a brand new one once I sent a picture of the very small tear. No issues, no hard time, just a prompt and simple replacement.

If you need a green screen and don’t have a room to dedicate for it, this is a great option. I wish I could use it more, but my time is limited and I don’t get to make as many videos as I’d love to. But I like this product and recommend it as an option.

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