The Founding Fathers Were NOT Perfect

Sometimes I see people speak about the founding fathers as if these men were perfect. They talk of them with such reverence, making statements such as “the founding fathers wanted it this way,” and they speak as though what they did and said was absolutely flawless.

Personally, I think this is crap, and I’m going to tell you why.

Without going into each of their specific histories and digging up their specific skeletons, it is easy to prove beyond a doubt that these men were in fact NOT as perfect as these nut riding people believe.

All one has to do is read the Declaration of Independence, and then look at the reality of the U.S back then.


If this statement were really true to them, then how would the founding fathers explain or justify that slavery was a thing back then? How did it continue for so long after the fact? Why did some of them OWN slaves? Why were slaves considered 3/5ths human?

Furthermore, if we examine the history of the United States, say in our interactions with Puerto Rico, which isn’t that far back historically, we find yet again that “equality” is not necessarily a thing.

Really, we don’t have to go too far back to see the impact that the founding father’s version of “equal” left in this country, look at what’s going on now with equality.

The truth is, the founding fathers were men, just like you and I, flawed men, men who were far from perfect who created a document based on what THEY knew to be the world back then. A document which was partially full of crap based on the realities of the world back then, as was just proven by their false definition of “equal.” Equal my foot!

We live in a much different world, and as loyal as you may wish to remain to the founding father’s vision, they are not in our world, and things change. Also, I’ll say again, their definition of equality sucks toe hairs.

So no, I do not hold everything that the founding fathers said or did with extreme high regard. I see it as the beginning of something, and things can always be improved upon, even if that improvement is not in line with their original views.

I mean, if we followed everything they were cool with, women wouldn’t be able to vote today, and as a Puerto Rican, I’d probably be a slave who was owned by some wealthy person.

No, they were not perfect, nor was their vision or their words.

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