Free Peloton from your health insurance

Health insurance companies are in the business of making money. The sicker you are, the more it costs them. So it stands to reason that it is in their best interest to keep you healthy.

To that end, my insurance company, Oxford provides us with a free one year subscription to the Peloton app. You read that right, the peloton app, and no you don’t need their bike to participate. They have a full fledged standalone app which provides all manner of fitness classes on there, both live and prerecorded. So far the few classes I have tried have been solid.

Its really easy to sign up and get going. They have mobile apps and even a pretty solid FireTV app. With so many online training options available now, you might think, “Meh, what’s the point?” I know that’s what I thought initially. But hey, it is “free” and there is a lot of content. Look into your health insurance to see if it is available to you. If not and you are still working out at home, it may be worth a trial.

I know we have many options, but you can’t go wrong with free! Happy training!

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