Freedom of speech, when convenient.

In NYC we have a tremendous mix of people, young and old, conservative and liberal, black and white and everything else in between. Naturally with such a diverse group of individuals you will encounter differing opinions, different politics and extremes on any variety of subjects.

In a NYC school a teacher was recently reprimanded for asking a child to change the topic of a speech he wanted to enter into a competition.

The topic in question was gay union, the teacher said that this topic may not be one that all parents are comfortable with. The teacher was reprimanded and told that the kid should be able to read the speech.

Meanwhile in another school the Principal forbid a class of students from singing Lee Greenwood’s “God bless the USA”. She said that the song could be offensive to some parents who may not believe in God, or want God to bless the USA. This woman was backed up by Chancellor of schools.

In protest of this decision, parents arranged a protest outside the school where the kids were to sing the song. They also invited politicians to come by and show support for the kids.

Locals who apparently have a problem with the country came out accusing the adults of manipulating the kids, stating “you will burn in hell for this”, “you republicans need to get out of here”, and “those kids don’t know what they are saying”.

I found that funny because some of the kids told the hecklers “get out of here” and they started chanting “USA, USA, USA”. Sounds to me like they know exactly what they were doing. And since when is being proud of the country you live in a republican thing?

Mind you, these kids are immigrants and minorities who are thankful for the USA and the benefits of living here. There was no evil republican pushing an agenda here, the politicians were invited by the people.

Do you see my point here?

Why is it okay to violate the wishes of parents that don’t want their kids to know about homosexuality? Let’s face it, some parents may not want their kids to know about homosexual relations or marriage. I know quite a few people that have no problem with the life, but don’t want it pushed on their kids. But our schools protect the rights of those folks and say it’s ok to talk about it.

But those same people then turn around and say “you can’t sing this song because it may be offensive to people”.

If you support free speech, you support it all the way.

“I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me. And I’ll proudly stand up and defend her still today, I’m proud to be an American, GOD BLESS THE USA”!

If you have a problem with those words, yet you live here and enjoy our freedoms, not much can be said for you.  And to those of you disgusting occupiers that would burn, defecate and destroy our flag, you sicken me.

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