Game Campers Suck!

Campers suck, we all despise them. They find a safe hiding spot, set up shop there and try to pick people off whenever they pass by. They are the most insufferable of gamer cowards one can encounter.

However, if we are real about it, the real problem is me and you. The camper would not be able to succeed if we don’t keep going back. I mean, think about this for a second… If we know the damn camper is in a fortified position, and we know that they will likely pick us off in the game before we get them due to that powerful position, why do we keep going back trying to get them?

Cause we are proud, we want revenge and our ego keeps driving us to do so. But then we start raging and get mad when the little mouse coward keeps killing us! But we keep giving the mouse the opportunity, so it’s really on us.

The right thing to do is to move on to another location, or perhaps try and find another angle to approach from, but to continue returning to the same spot expecting a different outcome is simply giving the mouse what they want, free and easy kills.

Swallow the pride, take the one death and move on. Otherwise you’ll end up giving them like 10 more easy kills in a row that they should not have gotten. I know its hard, trust me, I always, always want to get revenge on those damn campers and I do exactly what I’m saying we shouldn’t do! Then I die a bunch of times because of it.

We all know I’m right on this one, so take the one L and just move on. Your K/D will thank you!

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