GameStop shopping tip!

This may be common knowledge for some of us, but not for everyone. When purchasing a game at GameStop, if you buy new, it’s yours. Meaning, you cannot return it. You can sell it to them, but you’ll be lucky if you get back half of the game’s original value. Even if you bought it 2 hours earlier, once you open it, that’s a wrap, it’s yours.

How do us infrequent gamers that want to try out a game first work around this issue? Well, that’s the tip I’ll be sharing with you today. GameStop calls it “preowned”, all this really means in English is “used”. If you buy a used game, take it home, and for whatever reason you don’t like the game or it doesn’t work you can return it, no questions asked. You have 7 days to return it, and 30 days to exchange it for an identical copy if for whatever reason you have trouble with the purchased copy.

I’m referencing games, but this applies to any accessories and so on. So, my advice to you guys when shopping at GameStop, ask for the “preowned” copy of the game. It’s cheaper, eligible for discounts if you are “power up” member, and gives you the flexibility to try out the game before being stuck with it.

Hell bent on a new copy? Try it used, love it? Return it and apply those return funds to buying the new version. I learned this lesson years ago, and most recently I got caught, not on a game, but a game that contained a stupid key code! That DC Universe online crap. Who knew those fockers would charge you a freaking monthly fee to play the game! I cancelled it right away, but once registered, my key lost it’s value. So they got me.

I hope this tip proves useful to some of you guys.  Enjoy the Labor day weekend!

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