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Gays allowed to march in uniform at a pride parade.

We touched on this topic in a recent post on NYCTalking, yesterday on Breitbart we read another article about how the Obama administration is allowing gays to march in a parade, while in uniform, “just this one time”. I’m not happy about that, I’ll explain.

First let me state that I personally cannot emphasize enough that I don’t have a problem with gays, not in real life, not in the military, not anywhere. No problem at all. In fact a few of our writers here are gay or bisexual, and we all good baby, we all good. To further emphasize how un-homophobic (is that a word?) I am, I have given you all that sexy featured picture to look at. As a straight man, I take no issue stating that the guy looks great, and he could probably have any woman or man he wants with a physique like that.

Okay, back on topic, what I do have a problem with is the bullcrap politics and double standard politically correct crap that the government pushes on us. It just so happens that in this case, gays marching in a pride parade is the topic at hand, but my friends, this is not personal and has nothing to do with my views on your lifestyle choices.

I only argue that there are, and have always been rules in regards to when and where you can wear your military uniform. Generally during events not sanctioned or not directly relating to the military, active duty and even non-active duty personnel have not been allowed to wear their uniform. Do some do it? Sure, it happens, but for all practical purposes those are the rules. With “don’t ask don’t tell” repealed, you are free to be an open homosexual in the military, and that’s cool with me, I take no issue with that, however, just because you are openly gay doesn’t mean that the rules of the uniform that apply to everyone else do not apply to you. That is the part that irritates me.

The special treatment any group demands and that some get because of politically correct bullcrap, not only gays, but certain ethnic groups, minorities, etc. For instance, look at the Army Major at Fort hood, who happened to have several incriminating emails that were intercepted prior to the Fort Hood shootings, BUT, because he is Muslim they didn’t say anything out of fear of being accused of racial profiling. And now people are dead. Great job with your politically correct bullcrap. If I see emails or behavior from anyone supporting a crime, I don’t give crap who you are, where you are from, I’ll question the crap out of you. And if you accuse me of profiling, then I’ll be profiling and styling while I’m wiling cause I don’t give a crap about you smiling. If the FBI thought the way I do on this topic, that man would never have killed anyone. Ok.

I’m here to say that if you allow these gay men and women wear their uniforms at a pride parade, then you cannot tell a Tea Party member that they cannot wear their uniform at a Tea party rally, you cannot tell a Black Panther that they cannot wear their uniform at a Black Panther rally, you cannot tell a reservist that works at best buy that he cannot wear it to the best buy electronics rally! You cannot restrict other groups from wearing their uniforms at any event if you don’t restrict every else too. That’s just wrong, it’s a double standard, and it’s bullcrap. Hypocritical horse crap, it has to apply to everyone or no one!

So my gay friends, I sincerely hope that you see, my quarrel is not with you, not at all, never has been. My quarrel is with the principle of this thing. I personally recall being reprimanded and punished for wearing my uniform off duty at a personal function because it wasn’t “authorized”.

So I have a message for the Obama administration, what’s it going to be? All or nothing? It is completely unfair to bend the rules for some people and enforce them for others. You profile my Latino and Black brothers in the street, but you can’t profile a Muslim man that provided evidence of his anti-american sentiment, while in uniform?  That is insane to me! If you going to profile, profile everyone son!

But, truth be told, come November, it probably won’t be your problem anymore will it?

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8 years ago

America has got problems dude. SMH. RT : Gays allowed to march in uniform at a pride parade.

Paul Thomas
8 years ago

It’s about time..!! Oh wait…they’ve been marching in uniform…they just couldn’t talk about it..!!

Loree Grant
8 years ago

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Martha Prieto Arce
8 years ago

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Niurka Ruby
8 years ago

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Christine Ciscone
8 years ago

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Mary Jo Ognibene
8 years ago

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Lynn Ferolino
8 years ago

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Bette Morris
8 years ago

great.they put lifes out of danger.

Bette Morris
8 years ago

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NYC Talking
8 years ago

Paul, not marching, marching in a pride parade while in uniform.

Jackie Hall
8 years ago

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D Lee Shelton
8 years ago

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