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George Zimmerman free on $1,000,000 bail.

George Zimmerman was set free on a million dollars bail. A judge set his bail at one million dollars several weeks after Zimmerman was ordered to return to jail for apparently withholding information and lying about the quantity of funds available to him at the time of the first bail being set.

The confusion arose after Zimmerman was said to have knowingly withheld information about money that he had raised for his defense through a website.

Zimmerman lawyers called on his supporters stating that now is the time to donate and help Zimmerman. Supporters raised over 20K on the day of his bail. Like it or not, Zimmerman is back in a safe house in Seminole county until his trial.

I’ll say this, I wouldn’t want to be the guy selecting that jury!

On a separate note, for her role in the aforementioned deception Zimmerman’s wife was also arrested and is out on bail. She was charged with perjury for knowingly using code words to communicate with George the amount of funds that they actually had. There was even speculation that Zimmerman could have actually fled the country with the money he had and the fact he still had a passport.

George Zimmerman has become a figure of tremendous controversy since he shot and killed unarmed black teenager, 17 year old Trayon Martin in a Sanford, Florida housing complex in what he called an act of self defense. Though he wasn’t immediately arrested, (due to stand your ground laws) public outcry of discrimination and demands for a trial forced authorities to take action against Zimmerman 46 days after the fact.

The outcome is yet to be determined, some insist GZ is a cold blooded child murderer and some have gone as far as to put a bounty on his head. While others believe he acted to preserve his life, and others like myself are neutral and waiting for facts to come out. You cannot create your opinions based on what the mass media say, for instance do you remember how NBC doctored the 911 tapes to make Zimmerman sound like a hateful racist? Someone actually got fired over that!

At the end of the day a life was lost and that is always a shame. This situation also has the entire legal system regarding the 2nd amendment and stand your ground laws under heavy scrutiny.

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Chris Montesano
8 years ago

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Chris Montesano
8 years ago

Chris Montesano liked this on Facebook.

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