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Getting Cosmetic Work Done

So I was having a casual chat with one of the guys at the gym, and I was explaining my progress thus far. He said, “You look good, but you are going to have to get some work done to finish off your tummy. You have loose skin. You need to be getting cosmetic work done.”

Now, when this was said, my initial insecurity body image panic alarm went off, but I caught myself before it went too far in my head. Getting cosmetic work done? No way, not me, and definitely not yet!

Loose skin? Hmm, I recognize that this could be a possibility, but my skin has been recovering rather well. Yes, I do have a little pouch on the belly, but that’s not loose skin, that’s straight up fat! My journey is still ongoing, and I have not yet reached target.

I’m currently fluctuating between 195-200 pounds, which means that I still have about 20 pounds to drop, before I reach my set target of 180 pounds. This means that there is still body fat on my body, I can see and pinch it. This is definitely not loose skin, and definitely not a reason to get cosmetic work done. I’m very much against any invasive surgery, overall, and I certainly wouldn’t do it for cosmetic reasons.

The only work that I get done is the hard work and hours I put in at the gym. I won’t judge you if you take that route, it’s all good if it makes you happy. We are all entitled to pursue our pleasures and happiness, however that may be.

Personally, I don’t like shortcuts, I prefer to earn my goals the old fashioned way. There are just far too many risks associated with this type of surgery, and for what? Vanity? No way, this is not for me.

When the day comes that I reach my target, if I end up with a bunch of loose skin that I can’t get rid of through hard work, time and training, then I’ll look at my options, since I’ll have no other choice. But as long as training, heart, and will are still on the table, there will be no cosmetic surgery happening here!

Thank you very much, I respect your choices in life, but for me, no thanks!

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