Giving our children structure

This weekend we celebrated one of my buddy’s 40th birthday. As we spoke throughout the evening he told me that Friday is family game night. That every Friday they all sit together as a family and play board games, cards, etc. I thought that was nice.

He said that one of the things we lacked growing up was structure. Our parents weren’t so much concerned about giving us a game night as they were more concerned with being able to pay the rent on time. Don’t misunderstand, our parents did the best they could to provide for us. I always appreciate and love them for it. However, it was a different time, different financial situation,different worries and different priorities. Survival was always at the top of the list. If you come from where I come from, you would understand.

For instance, I have no recollection of ever sitting with my mom, dad, and sisters together and playing a game together. In fact, one of my sisters is from a different dad. There goes that “traditional structure” we are talking about. I remember my mom and dad busting their asses so that we had food to eat. When it comes to games though, no. I do remember playing games with my friends as a kid. We played video games, board games and the sort. But I have no memory of playing with either of my parents. That’s not to say it didn’t happen when I was little, I just have no waking memory of it. Again, this is not a knock on them, just a statement of fact.

I don’t know what the future holds for any of us, but I’m sure that whatever is to come, having a family game night will only tilt the odds in favor of success for the little princess he’s raising. I will say that most of the closest friends who I grew up with have gone on to raise beautiful families while being responsible parents. It is a great thing to see and last night was another reminder of that.

Though my son’s mom and I split many years ago, thereby breaking any traditional structure, I can say with complete confidence that at a minimum my son knows that as long as we draw breath, both his mom and I currently are, and will always be there to support him.

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