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Go greater good free event.

Yesterday I was “tapped” on the shoulder in regards to a free informational event that is happening here in New York City. I was asked if I would be willing to share this event on the site. Then began my scanning process.  I checked these guys out, I looked at their site, I spoke with the organizer Thomas Pa, and it seems to be a legit event.

I had asked him if this was some sort of setup to get money or to push some political agenda. However it sounds like an interesting event actually exploring the good nature of humanity. I watched the video preview and it was basically some guys talking about how they hitchhiked all over the world and were never once harmed. The main point being that they believe people are inherently good, where most of us probably think the complete opposite.

It will be a powerpoint presentation, featuring some of the main clips from the documentary (hitchhikers and people that have picked me up).  There will be some graphs about crime rates vs. polls of people’s perceptions of crime, some other general ways I have found society to be focused on the bad, and some simple points about getting beyond these things to realize people are more good than bad and to “go greater good”. It’s a totally free event and  the word ‘money’ will not be spoken! Nothing money-related or religion-related etc. about any of it! Just sticking with basic personal experiences and basic facts and ideas.

Now personally, I think these guys are very brave, and doing things I’d never do in this day and age.  Backpacker, not my style at all. I met a bunch of free spirited backpackers during my travels in Australia, and though I admire them and their lifestyle, I grew up in the hood and I’m far too paranoid for any of it.  Hell maybe I need this event more than any of you!  Anyway, you can check out the documentary preview here: If you’d like details on the event, check out the facebook event page here.

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8 years ago

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