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This show came across my radar sometimes ago, but my wife was pushing me to catch it sooner than later. I’m glad that I did.

The show takes places in the olden days, like the time of the wild west when cowboys, posses, and shooters ran the street. It’s funny that a term like “posse” which is from those olden days would have been used when I was a teenager to represent gangs. “I’m down with his posse” was a term often heard to describe being a part of someone’s gang or crew.

The show is good in the sense that its not overly long. I have found that the longer a show runs, the more likely that the show will go to crap. Take “Into the badlands,” I was loving that show and thought that it had great promise. But now, it’s getting too convoluted and confusing. Sunny has done some stupid stuff, and that’s why I moved on to “Godless” prior to completing it. I moved on to Badlands because I couldn’t take Van Helsing anymore.

So yes, the longer the shows run, the more stupid they get. That’s why a show like Godless is great. They can set up the story, get to the plot, and eventually finish it before it all goes to shit.

I enjoyed this show. It was entertaining in every way. There were times where it was funny, tense, sad, and so on. The plot revolves around a town which is inhabited mostly by women, an outlaw hunting his chosen outlaw son, and everything else that can go with that.

Don’t get me wrong, they had their own brand of ridiculous scenes that I couldn’t believe, (Whitey for instance) but overall the show is definitely worth a watch. Y’all know I don’t like to give spoilers, but definitely add Godless to your watch list. It’s a good one and it actually had a damn end!

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