Good Times At Webster Hall

For years, Webster Hall was my home. I would go there every weekend of every week! I came to be known as one of the regulars there. The drag queen who worked the front knew and loved me. We always chatted for awhile before me going in, and she’d always comp me in by the way! The bouncers all knew me. The bartenders knew me, and they hooked me up with drink tickets, though I always made sure to tip on any drinks, tickets or not! Don’t cheap out on your bartenders! The other staff inside the club knew me, even the bathroom staff knew me. Of course, all of the other regulars knew me as well.

I remember this one dude, he was always wearing a backpack, without a shirt on. He’d always be trying to mack on the girls, and he did well. The guy was in great shape, and they seemed to take to him. As wild as some of my stories may seem to some, his stories probably make mine sound like nursery school rhymes.

The one other regular that I recall was this heavier set girl, she was pretty cute too. I’m not sure why I never got cool with her, I tried and she kind of pulled away from talking to me. Back then, I had a bit of an issue with my ego, so if she did that to me, I’d never try again. I do recall her walking around the floor, she’d always be across the way, staring at me, as if stalking for a dance, or an otherwise partner for the evening. Yet, when I tried to talk, she ran away, who knows what her deal was?

The one group that worked there which I was never able to really befriend were the dancers. They “knew” me, but they never really spoke to me. I remember one dancer in particular who would always smile at me, her name was Giselle. I actually cannot remember what she looked like anymore, but we sort of became chat pals since I was such a regular.  She was the only dancer at the club who actually spoke to me, but she also kept her distance from customers, even me.

This one dude who worked there tried to befriend me to get to a girl I was with. He pissed me off, and I told him that she was with me, and that he should step off. He threatened to get me kicked out of the club if I didn’t send her to VIP, to which I responded, “We all leave the club at some point, right? You too will be outside of these walls, feel me?” He backed off then.

Back then I participated in the amateur strip teases, the singles auctions, on stage dancing, and all kinds of fun stuff that would be going down there. I literally had, and still have a lifetime free admission card to this club.

The most recent visit that I made to the club was a couple of years ago. I went with one of my buddies, Paul Oakenfold was playing there. It was packed, absolute madness. The club was like it used to be when I went back in the day. Packed and crazy.

The last few times I’d gone before that it was pretty dead, the music was crappy, and I had lost faith in the club. Although it seems that things are picking up again judging by my last experience.

Webster Hall holds a lot of memories for me, I met potential lovers who went on to become friends, friends who became lovers, and everything else in between. They were great times and if I am being completely honest, though I don’t yearn for it like I did back then, I still miss those wild nights of dancing.

The club’s layout is very different now. It seems like techno nights are back, and they also have live rock music at times. If I want to dance, to this day, the first place I think of is Webster Hall. It was my go to club.

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