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Growing Up Bronx

Growing Up Bronx: Throwing Crap From The Overpass

I’ve shared a few stories about how things were for us growing up in the Bronx. Many of the things we did growing up put us in great danger. However, on occasion we would endanger others. I am not proud of this, but it happened.

Looking back on it, I feel pretty terrible about it. Especially now that I can appreciate the dangers and expenses associated with what we were doing. Thankfully, no one was ever hurt, though we came pretty close to getting our butts kicked a few times.

If you are walking on Walton Avenue, around the 174th Street D train stop in the Bronx, you come to an overpass.

walton overpass

Where the man in the red shirt is, was our point of attack. During the winter, some of us fools would make snowballs, and try to time the cars. When they were in range, we’d launch the assault.

During the summer, we’d take little pellets and launch them down. Other times we’d do water balloons, or condoms. To us it was funny, we figured that this was a harmless thing to do. Looking back now, how little did we know! Sometimes we missed our target, and sometimes we hit them right on the windshield. Yeah, we did that. 🙁

Before you curse me out, remember, we were young, dumb, reckless ghetto kids. We didn’t know the risks that we were taking. None of us knew how dangerous it was for the drivers, passengers, and other cars. It is only now, as adults, and drivers, that we realize just how dangerous this was.

water bombs

There was one time, a guy we hit, exited out of the highway. He came up, saw us still there launching water bombs, and he came after us. We managed to see him coming before he got too close, and we took off running in different directions. But at the time, we couldn’t understand why this guy was so pissed! It was only a water bomb bro! He chased us, the freaking guy left his car, and gave chase. We were younger, and faster, not to mention that he couldn’t go too far from his car. So I took off towards the stone steps in Walton Avenue and I sprinted up. Once I had a good enough distance, I turned around and gave him the middle fingers. Man, I feel really bad about that now. But, it happened.

Look, if I ever hit your car with any objects, I’m sorry.


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