Growth In The Fight Game

Sometimes I come across a post on the interwebz that I find inspiring or otherwise motivational. These Facebook post shared by mixed martial artist, and coach Eric Uresk is one of those such posts. Below I share two of his posts, one of is about a lazy fighter who changed, and the other is about an older man who tries! Both stories were extremely inspirational, and worth a share!

This may be one of my proudest moments as a coach. I met @you65wehbe 2 years ago and really didn’t think he had the heart or mind of a fighter. He was immature and didn’t listen to anything. Over the past year he has proven me to be 100 percent wrong. Somewhere somehow a fire lit inside him. He Nagano to train different. He started taking fighting and wrestling much more seriously. Yesterday he be the former champion of Desert Force putting himself in line for the next title shot. Words can’t describe how proud I am of the effort this guy put fourth.

I have a student right now that is 60 years old with heavy physical disabilities. I saw him where I was eating and went over to talk to him. This guy really humbled me with his story. Quit his job in finance to travel and train martial arts. He said ” freak it I’ll do this till I get bored or run out of money”. He shows up to wrestling early and works his ass off on basic movements most of us take for granted and is elated at even the slightest sign of progress. The perfect attitude for any martial artist.

You can learn something from everybody.

~ Eric Uresk

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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