Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m a huge fan of marvel! Whenever they put out a new movie, without a doubt, I’m there to watch it. Guardians of the Galaxy is a series that I really wasn’t very familiar with at all. As far as I could recall, this is the first time I’ve really heard of any of these guys. However, once you watch the film, you will probably see at least one or more characters that you recognize. Especially if you have watched the Avengers, or are an 80’s kid like myself. Don’t worry though, no spoilers here.

The film was very entertaining, especially considering that I didn’t know any of the main characters. Everything was a first for me in this film. First time I met the characters, first time I learned about the story line, first everything. Given that, now I know a good deal about most of them. At least as far as the film develops the characters.

There is a lot of humor in this film, quite funny actually. There are also sadness, and pain though. All of this is combined with some real, raw, drunken emotion in one of the scenes. The creators packed plenty into this film. It is totally worth the ticket.

I can only imagine that if you are a fan of this series, you will either love it or hate it. Especially the collector types that know everything about the characters. As I mentioned earlier, for me, this was a completely blank slate, and I left loving these guys. The film was a huge success, not only in my eyes, but as far as public opinion goes. I have not heard or read a single bad statement in regard to this movie. All the feedback I have seen is positive. This is not without merit. The film was absolutely phenomenal.

Go check it out, this is one of those movies that should be watched on the big screen.

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Thuy Yau

I really want to see this. Your review has encouraged me even more to see it!

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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