Guys attempt to kidnap and rape a drunk woman

It was years ago, I had just left the dance club. I saw the female passed out on the floor, helpless, and vulnerable. Immediately my protective instincts kicked in, but I couldn’t do much at that moment. I decided to stand watch and wait for her to wake up, and get her a cab or something. My gut told me not to leave her alone.

As I stood close by her, I spied those predators. Several men were also watching her, and talking among themselves. They started to walk towards her, and were trying to hail a cab, then I overheard one say “let’s get her in a cab.”

As soon as I heard this, I was in a rage. These dirtbags were planning to snatch this woman up and take her in a cab. I felt in my pocket, I was unarmed, they check you at the clubs so I didn’t carry anything when I went out. I moved closer towards her, that’s when the group of 4 or so men noticed me. I was outnumbered, and outsized, these guys could probably kick my ass, but I’ll be damned if I let these scumbags snatch a woman from the street.

drunk girls

They looked at me and asked me “Is she with you?” Attempting to control my anger, I looked at them and said “Attempt to execute your plan and you will find out.” The guy was taken aback, he didn’t realize that anyone was listening to them before.  I moved closer to the girl, and observed the guy’s every move. They all looked at each other, and then started to walk away. Jokingly, as if this was some sort of joke, one guy says “Dude, are you cock blocking us? You can get in on this party too! We are willing to share.” I shook my head, with my eyebrows crinkled down, and obviously pissed. They kept walking and stopped towards the corner, I could see them from a distance watching us. I noticed a cop, but they hadn’t actually committed a crime, so I couldn’t call out to him for assistance, so I just stood there, waiting for her to wake up.

This isn’t the first time I’ve stood guard over a drunk female. The last one was at a Yelp event, and one dude tried to grab her. That’s when I intervened and shoved him back. He knew who I was, and I knew what he was trying to do. I pulled her away from him, as did some other friends. Then I went to get her some water, and then she turned on me. Started screaming and insulting me because she was “not a child.” Can you believe that crap? I got her in a cab, but I never associated with her after that.

Mind you, women are not the only ones who can get this way. I had to actually save my friend from chocking on his vomit, and deliver him home! This dude was 6’4, huge, heavy, and nearly unconscious. That son of a gun puked on me, and damn near drowned on his vomit as he lost consciousness. I turned him on his side so the puke would not drown him. It was pretty gross. And when I got him home, his grandparents and little dog damn near attacked me! “Pero que es esto, que le has hecho a mi nieto?” I dumped him on the bed and left. SMH.

drunk lady

But back to Susie…

Eventually some other drunk, yet conscious girls showed up and said “Oh my God, there’s Susie!” They saw me standing there, stone faced, and asked “is everything okay?” I looked at them and asked “Is anyone in your group coherent? Who is sober?” One woman nodded at me, “I’m the designated driver, so no drinking for me.” I said when your friend Susie wakes up, please tell her that a perfect stranger stood watch over her and prevented her from being kidnapped and gang raped by some frat jerks about one hour ago. Perhaps you ladies shouldn’t leave her alone like this if you know she is incapable of holding her liquor? This is very dangerous for her. One commented, “She might like that though.” I looked at her in disbelief, I replied there are enough of you here now to make noise if you need help, I’m starting to get a hangover, so I will be taking my leave of your group. Then I left Susie in the care of her friends. As I left I noticed that she began to wake up, and through a haze, she saw me. She stared at me, confused, oblivious to all that had happened since I showed up. I shook my head and just walked away.


I wonder whatever became of that young woman? I fear that there may have been another day when someone like me wasn’t around to protect her. I hope not. It’s a damn shame when a woman gets so drunk that some scumbags could throw her in a car, have their way with her, and dump her in an alley somewhere. Truly sad.

As far as the men who do these types of things are concerned, anyone who knows me is quite aware of what I believe should happen to them. Let us say this, they would never be able to re-offend! I’m not talking about just removing that man tool, I’m saying to you, they would never be able to re-offend. Make of that what you will.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Danielle Alinia

You so much of this in the UK they call themselves “ladettes” *sigh*

Binge drinking is such an issue!! I am too much of a control freak to get in that state anyway lol

Angel Rodriguez

I hear that. I mean, I’ve gotten drunk, it happens. But you should know your limits, and if you are that vulnerable, you should never be alone.

Beatrice Chan

that is hectic! I used to have my mum always telling me to be super careful and look out for my other girl friends whenever we went out clubbing.