Half Bad Novel

After watching the Half bad show on Netflix, I became interested in reading the books. So I went on amazon and purchased Half Bad for the kindle.

So I started reading and noticed that it read kind of strangely. I remember seeing this on wiki during my search for details,  “It is notable for its use of second person narrative as part of a wider first person narrative” but I didn’t think it would be an issue for me. I was wrong.

I got past the first chapter fairly okay, though how it reads was starting to irritate me a bit. But still, I pushed along hoping that it would stop or that I’d get used to it.

Once I got to chapter two, I could barely even tell who was talking or what exactly I was reading. I don’t know if they are talking 1st, 2nd or third person, but whatever it is sounds pretty confusing and rather annoying to me. I just want to read a book, not decipher a puzzle.

After fighting falling asleep for awhile, I decided to put the book down and move on. I’ll possibly try it again at another time, but as it stands, I’m done reading this book. I’m interested in the story, but the way it is written and how it reads, that just annoyed me. Sorry.

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