Halloween in the hood

As I got older, Halloween became about fun house parties and other events. I’ve been to quite a few parties over the years, mostly fun. One of my favorites was a house party with a great group of people. We had a falling out the second year because one of my friends was coming, and he was wearing the same costume as someone in the house. The host was really angry and lost his shit over it. After some exchanged words, and the fact that I couldn’t understand why he was acting that way, we decided to go elsewhere and we haven’t really spoken since then. It’s unfortunate because we had a blast, but this dude was tripping out about a non-issue, and you know I’m not one to stay quiet about nonsense. So we butted heads, such is life.

When I was a kid, it was about knocking on doors in the building in hopes that some of our fellow residents had candy. In my building now, they tell us to put up a sign if we want to participate in Halloween knocking. I never do, I don’t care to entertain kids and their trick or treating. Sorry. Growing up, it wasn’t like that, we knocked and you ignored us if you didn’t have candy. LOL.

As we became teenagers, we started to venture out on our own to other buildings, stores, and even other blocks. This is where my memories of Halloween begin. I remember this block called Marcy Place, it was next to ours, but we considered it “off limits to us.” Some of us had friends on that block, and if with them, we were okay to walk to their house, but if alone, it was best avoided.

In any case, one year, the block looked solitary so we got creative and went in to hit one of the stores there. The store wasn’t in the corner, so we had to walk in about halfway into it. Well, these scumbags were hiding waiting for us. As soon as we got our candy and came out, they came after us. That day I had my mask stolen, as well as my hard earned candy collection. I also ended up with a lump on my head, thought I tried to fight back, these guys were battle hardened and made quick work of my sad efforts to fight them off. Where I come from, the scumbags don’t believe in hard work or effort, they believe in taking what they want from those who are weaker. This night, I was weaker.

This is why I own guns today. Some of you know that I have food and emergency rations in the event shit ever hits the fan like it did during Hurricane Sandy. However, if I have those items, and I can’t defend them, just like that Halloween evening, I’m only collecting items for the strongest guy on the block. Well, unless he’s bulletproof, he better take his ass to the next house!

I’d enjoy going to a Halloween party, or even a themed Zumba class, but since I didn’t know Halloween fell on Wednesday, I didn’t market or promote that. I’m still considering wearing my tutu tonight, but we’ll see what happens.

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