Halo Infinite

So I played Halo Infinite for the first time, I have to tell you, right out the gate I am loving that game. I played about 5 hours on the very first day.

I still don’t know anything about abilities and why the hell some guys kill me with one shot after I have shot the hell out of them, but that will all come in time.

This game has a bunch of modes, some of which I honestly didn’t care for at first, but its okay, I still enjoy the game play and the variety is actually growing on me.

It’s nice that the game is free, because I don’t think I would have gotten it otherwise. I’m not really down with buying a game without really checking it out first. Though Steam and Blizzard have been pretty good about refunding me for games I didn’t like.

I was thinking of getting Battlefield 2040, but it didn’t go on sale over the holiday so I just passed on that. I’ve heard bad feedback about it so I’m not sure if its worth it. I mean I have Vanguard, Cold War, Counterstrike, Valorant, Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2 and most recently Halo Infinite. Do I really need to pay $60 for another game that I might play occasionally?

In any case, my first impressions on Halo Infinite were highly positive. I’m still figuring out what is available to me as a player as well as the best button configs for my play style. However, I was able to jump right into the game and after a few tough rounds I went from a negative KD every round to a positive KD and even winning a few games. I think overall though, I still might be negative on the KD. LOL. But in my defense, I am a 100% noob to the Halo franchise.

It was a really fun game though and I will definitely keep playing. Big win for Microsoft and Xbox on this one.

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