Hamptom Adams white athletic tape

Folks, I don’t this that it is often someone actually reviews something like athletic tape. However, I had to make an exception for this product, because this product is dope.

Look, athletic tape is athletic tape. You hurt yourself, need support, whatever, you tape that shit up. Then after you are done, you rip it off, you lose any hair that was attached to it, and you spend the next two days trying to remove that gooey sticky residue from your body. Sounds about right? Well, that’s athletic tape.

Here’s where this product differed for me. I taped up my finger because I wanted to protect it after jamming it in Brazilian Jujitsu. While I trained again, the tape stayed on and it did exactly what you’d expect athletic tape to do. However, when it was time to remove it, the tape came off super easily, and it didn’t leave behind any of that sticky mess or take any of my hair! That shit is dope!

Say what? No glue to clean up after? Word y’all, this tape is the dopest one I’ve ever used. I bought one pack, but I’m gonna pick up another, this is just too damn good to not keep on reserve! Anyway, now you know why I reviewed athletic tape! If you need some good athletic tape, pick up some of that Hamptom Adams white athletic tape.

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