Harder they fall

This film had a very Quentin Tarantino feel to it. Initially I thought it was definitely one of his films. I was wrong, the director actually is Jeymes Samuel. Full disclosure, I never heard of this dude, but so far he’s 1/1 on my movie scale!

The story takes place in a cowboy like era and follows a few black outlaws. The main character being Nat Love who has his family murdered by an unknown man. This all happened to his family when he was a little boy, then he grows up.

As a man, he makes it his business to track down and kill everyone who was involved with the slaughter of his family. At first glance, it all seems very cruel and evil, but as with everything in life, things ain’t always what they seem. Ahh, who am I kidding, no matter how we slice it, it’s cruel and evil. But I think by the end of this film you’ll understand they had their reasons.

This film has some very recognizable faces including Idris Elba and Regina King! It is a quite gruesome yet entertaining film. Totally worth a watch. You can go check it out on Netflix.