Harlem Story

Harlem Story.

Recently, I headed up to Harlem for dinner at Sylvia’s with my friend According To Nicki. She kept my butt waiting for over 30 minutes, sitting there, inhaling the smells coming from Sylvia’s kitchen! I can’t help wonder what I did to her to receive such brutal treatment!

That’s not the main point of this story I’m sharing with y’all though. It is what happened during my wait, and after we left.

As I sat there, two different individuals rolled into the restaurant and straight up were trying to sell me some air freshener. Seriously, they rolled up with some febreze and were offering me several bottles for $5!

Now I ain’t gonna lie to y’all, I considered buying them! They even sprayed them to show me that it was legit. However, something didn’t feel right, and I said no.

Next, when we left, as we walked towards the train, another person approached us, this one reached in a bag. Call me paranoid, but when someone reaches, you never know what they are going to produce. I prepared myself to pounce on them, but what they ended up producing was some of those laundry detergent balls! $5 for the entire bunch of them.

Damn son! What the hell happened in Harlem that day? Did a bed bath and beyond store go out of business or something? Where are all these people coming from, and why are they all selling me bathroom products?

That trip to Harlem was a bit weird to say the least.

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Angel Rodriguez

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