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So I had a bit of an issue with my first Hawk gi, it seems that this batch of gis came with faulty drawstrings. Mine became frayed and damaged after the first wash. So I reached out to Ortid about replacing it.

At first they weren’t very eager to help, but once realizing that there was an issue with the product they agreed to replace my gi. Due to a sizing unavailability, they offered me this lightweight version of their gi. Ahh, you didn’t know that they had other products did you? And a lightweight gi? Say what? Word!

That was great for me as I love and prefer lightweight gis, I don’t really like the heavy kimonos. In addition to that, they allowed me to keep the other gi. That was pretty cool because the top was undamaged and the drawstring can be replaced. My issue was primarily the principle of the matter and that’s why I insisted on a replacement.

So this gi came in a few days and I immediately loved it. The material feels as good as my adidas and sanabul gis which are extremely comfortable. So far it has held up for about 2 washes and two workouts with no issues. It was pretty big on me at A3, but after a wash and dry it shrunk significantly, which was great for me as I’m a relatively short but stocky dude. Even after shrinking, the kimono and pants fit comfortable on me, and the length was brought down to a perfect size for me.

I’m enjoying rolling with this gi, and I like it’s appearance more than the other one. I didn’t care for the big logo in the front of it. I prefer a plain gi in the front.

This one has the logo on the side. So far so good folks. If you are looking for an affordable, lightweight gi, definitely check this one out!

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