Help me find his wife

Many years ago, a female friend of mine came over to me and asked me if I was willing to do a favor for her. I replied the same way I would to anybody else, it depends on the favor. I’ll never say yes unless I know what I’m saying yes to.

She then told me that she wanted to ruin a man’s life, she wanted me to help her find his wife. I was kind of surprised by this request, at the time we were “feeling each other out,” so this was a weird request to bring my way. Though I may have been able to guide her on this quest, I simply replied that I had no way to do that.

From the conversation, I gathered that she had been with a married man, obviously. Perhaps she wanted more, or she felt betrayed somehow, but she clearly wanted to hurt him. I didn’t think that it was an even remotely smart thing to get involved in this situation. Lord knows where things were headed and I wanted no part of that. In fact, at that point, I decided that I would distance out from this woman.

Mind you, at the time, I was heavily attracted to this woman. I wanted to date her and I was really feeling her. I had expressed this to her, and she stated she too was attracted to me, but throughout that courting process, she somehow got involved with this married dude. I have been told over the years that I “take too long in sealing the deal” with women. My thing is that I like to have at least some idea of who I was dealing with before getting involved with a woman. They call it slow, I call it caution.

Given the way that things worked out, and what she was asking me, despite my really wanting to get down with her, I’m thankful that I never did. Lord knows how things would have turned out and if she’d somehow try to ruin my life for some other reason.

Friends, the takeaway here is that we have to be very careful who we are messing around with out here int these streets. No matter how much you are attracted to someone, feel them out first. Not everyone is stable and good. Some people will go scorched earth in order to take you down. Even if it means their own destruction. Be careful!

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