Her White satin panties.

It was so many years ago, I can’t even remember her name. I barely even remember what she looked like! I do remember the exact color and texture of her panties, of course I’d remember that, her white satin panties.

Allow me to explain.

We met on AsianAvenue or Migente, I can’t quite remember anymore. She was half Japanese and half white. She was a beautiful, very outspoken woman. She was also military just like me! She didn’t hesitate to tell me that she could kill me with her hands. She said it often to me, “Angel, I can kill you with my bare hands.” To which I’d respond, “Okay, but I’d really appreciate it if you don’t do that, please. I have become rather fond of being among the living.” She’d always laugh, and simulate attacking me. Silly girl.

She was wild and adventurous, she’d always ask me how daring I was. I’d always reply that I was quite daring! Well, our daring escapades could probably have cost me my job all those years ago.

This is where the panties come in!

One time, she had come by my office, and she says “Angel, I’m so hot for you! Take me on this desk.” It was one of the printer benches, on the middle of our entire floor! She climbed up on it, and spread her legs. I didn’t know what to do, I froze for half a second realizing the risk this posed to my job! However, my foolish man instincts kicked in and I just stuck my face in between her legs!

satin white panties

I lifted up her shirt a little bit, just enough to expose her navel, and I started kissing her stomach. I made my way down, slowly kissing, savoring, and licking her. I undid her pants, and that’s when I saw those sexy white satin panties. Which of course, is the one part I clearly remember. So I began to slide them down, and continued kissing her lower and lower. She moaned with pleasure, and I continued going down. Now her entire lower body was about to be exposed. I knew I was perfectly capable of losing my job if someone showed up at this point, not to mention the cameras! But I have to give this woman what she asked for, I couldn’t stop!

Suddenly she stopped me, she pulled up her panties, pants, and pulled down her shirt. She then grabbed my hand, and guided me back to the little hidden room that I had over there. I was kind of hazy and foggy from lust, and we started making out. She then said “You are crazy, dude. I can’t believe you were about to go down on me in the middle of a large corporate floor.” I shrugged and said “I couldn’t believe it either!” I was in a bit of a trance and I just went with it. I know for certain I would not have been the first, or the last person to engage in this type of activity at this office. I knew of many stories, and other scenarios, some where I even saw video! Though I doubt any were as risky as I was being that night!

I can’t remember how things ended that night, but after that we only made out, and touched each other. Nothing further happened though, we kept our clothes on. She was really cool, and it blows that we lost touch. I’d love to have kept her around, even as just a friend. I don’t remember what happened, I think we both may have started dating someone and decided it was best to back off. I can’t recall.

Anyway, she wore white satin panties.

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