The Hidden Report Editor tests pepper spray!

I live in NYC. This means that I cannot rely on my firearms to protect me, or my loved ones when out and about. That being the case, we have to find other ways to protect ourselves here. I have always wondered how effective over the counter pepper spray truly is. I was pretty skeptical about it’s effectiveness. So, I did what any crazy domestic terrorist would do. I had my wife hit me with a dose of it. This also served as some real life training for her. As you’ll see in the video, she misses the first shot. The second shot was a direct hit right on my eyeball! My son filmed this, and he is the one laughing throughout the video.

I concluded that it does work. It will definitely buy you a few seconds to get away. Especially if you are a smaller, or weaker person. It’s not as good as a .45, but it is a good enough self defense tool. Here are a few things to note:

1) Be mindful of the wind. Do I need to explain that?

2) Be sure to have an escape route. For instance, the subway is risky because you may inadvertently breathe it in. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive though. It’s non-lethal, so if you take in a dose, but it saves your life, then I’d say it is worth it!

3) Though it hurt, and slowed me down, if I were intent on hurting you, it won’t stop me. So make sure you make a swift getaway.

4) Apparently it has some sort of ultraviolet ink so the police can identify the criminal.

5) This is perfectly legal, I bought it at a police depot in NYC.

Keep in mind, the local laws apply. In a place like NYC, if the fool you pepper spray runs into oncoming traffic because they could not see, you will probably be blamed. You know how liberals are, right? Why didn’t you just let him rape you? He would have left you alone after getting what he wants! Just be aware of those things. At the end of the day, I’d rather deal with the legal system, than be dead. Feel me?

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