Highlighting Local Businesses: The Comic Den.

So today on a whim I decided to go and check out the Comic Den, located at 82–64 Austin St. in Kew Gardens, New York. My son wanted to check the store for a Mega Man or a Sonic the Hedgehog toy that he can use in his stop-motion movies. So we went there and took a look.

I’m sure my son wanted to go in and out, but if you know me and how much of a social butterfly I am, you know that this was simply just not going to be the case. So I got to talking with the familiar face that is always at the Comic Den, her name is Janet, and she is one of the owners. As my son looked for his toys, I stood around and spoke with Janet for a while, she answered several of my questions regarding comic books, their value, and basic overall questions.

The Comic Den NYCTalkingAfter some time talking, I realized that I had enough information to actually do a write up on the business, and I explained to her that I was actually shifting into blogger mode. Janet proceeded to tell me that one of the reasons they moved to this new location was that the lease expired at the old spot and this new location right around the corner presented itself, so they went for it. Part of surviving as a small business in today’s climate is embracing change and moving with the economy.

The Comic Den is full of comics, vintage figurines, and all sorts of comic book paraphernalia. It’s a pretty cool spot to stop by and take a look whether you are a huge comic fan or more of a casual fan like myself. Janet told me about “Zero Year” which is DC’s big comic thingamajig right now, and X-Men “Battle of the Atom” which is Marvel’s big thing right now. She spent time explaining to me and my son about how the timelines work, compilations, novels, and a little about the distributors and how they work.

I had a cool time talking with Janet, and I enjoyed looking around the shop; I think it is a pretty cool spot if you enjoy these things, and who doesn’t like awesome figurines though? Oh, and yes, Janet is actually pretty cool to chat with as well. I hope your doggy will be ok Janet! So friends, if you like comic books, or you collect figures, or any of that cool stuff, stop by the Comic Den and take a look, you might find something you love. You can call Janet or Luis at 718-805-3789.

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Highlighting Local Businesses: The Comic Den. http://t.co/VMHqXiFxWg


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