Hillary reading Fire and Fury

Okay! First of all, why are people still putting salty ass Hillary on tv? She lost, she needs to just go away. This woman is directly responsible for the current state of things in the United States of America! Hillary Clinton and the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of his democratic nomination, and that gave us the insufferable man child, Donald Trump.

Secondly, Hillary is no friend to minorities! She claims to be, and she does have most of you fooled, but not me!

Let’s examine a quick off the top of the wig list of statements that have come out via video and her emails:

We have to bring them blacks to heel!

Hispanics = Taco Bowls

Black folks = Super Predators

Immigrants = They have to go back!

That’s not even including all the policies and damage that was done to our communities of color during the Clinton administration. Hillary is not our friend, so stop touting her as though she is.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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