Homeless category 2 and 3 Sex offenders near Queens schools?

This morning I read a disturbing article about a shelter that takes in homeless registered sex offenders being released from prison. We all know how I feel about sex offenders, but the really disturbing part about this story is not that they are being released from prison, or that they are being housed and further fed by our OUR TAX DOLLARS, the really, really disturbing part is that the shelter is extremely close to a Queens middle school.

P.S 124 is barely making the 1,000 foot distance requirement set by the law for sex offenders. Let me repeat, P.S. 124 sits very, very close to the Skyway shelter in South Ozone park where at least 24 registered sex offenders currently reside.

24 registered sex offenders near a middle school. That’s 24 minds, 24 personalities, 24 moods, 24 urges, 24 chances for a repeat offender, 24 opportunities for our children to be attacked. As if we the parents don’t have enough to worry about with our children as it is. Now in addition to the sex offenders that may already live in the area, and the street crime, and fast cars, and drunk drivers, and gangs, and stray bullets, and thieves, and bullies, and drugs, we can now add another another 24, known, level 2 and 3 sex offenders! That’s not to mention the other random homeless individuals ranging in age from young to old walking around our children. The school doesn’t even want to let the kids out in the yard anymore due to fears about their safety.  Isn’t that great?

Queens parents have complained to the precinct about the roaming homeless individuals, (of which some may be pedophiles) and are understandably up in arms about this situation. Can you blame the parents for their concern about about the residents of a homeless shelter hanging out near the school, in the nearby park, and simply walking around the neighborhood? Residents and parents have brought this complaint to the 106th precinct, but at present time there is not much they can do.

Who would put a 176 bed homeless shelter near a middle school simply baffles me. I’d still be worried if it were a high school or college students, but I am extremely concerned for the young children which are not as capable of defending themselves as a young or full grown adult may be able to.

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