Homeless man harassing me

I was walking back from the store when what appeared to be a homeless man started to walk next to me. He spoke to me and asked how I was doing, I responded that I was all good. He said, that’s good man, that’s good. I’m out here hustling trying to survive, feel me? Yeah, I feel you. So after a few more casual words were exchanged, he asked me if I had any cash that I could give him. I said that I did not carry cash on me and kept walking.

This is where my man became a bit troublesome. “Come on now papi, you telling me that if I check in your pockets I won’t find any money?” I looked at him and I replied that if he TRIED to check my pockets he better be a much better fighter than I am or at least be packing some heat. He was taken aback and kind of pulled away from me at that point. Satisfied that I had driven my message home, I concluded that the conversation ended then.

Look, I’m friendly to everyone, and when I feel like it, I give people some change or money. But if you think you are going to intimidate or force me to give you that which I have worked for, then you better have a knife, gun, or at least be able to kick my ass.

Yo for real, people out here be bugging out. Do I really look that soft? Do I give off the energy that you can come up to me and simply go in my pockets without any consequences? Get the fuck out of here with that shit!

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