Homeless VS Rich pranks are unfair

Let me ask you a simple question, and don’t try to be self righteous and full of shit, be honest with yourself. If you are a business owner and a person in tattered clothing, dirt on their face, who smells terribly comes along and tries to get into your restaurant, are you going to allow them in? Or will you turn them away in the interest of keeping the existing and future patrons? I’m not asking if you will give them a piece of food, or some water, I’m asking whether or not you would treat them the same way that you treat an average customer?

Unless you are full of shit, or an extreme human being, the answer is that you would turn them away. Not because you are a bad person, but because you don’t want to alienate your customer base. If you are an employee, you will not want your bosses to get angry with you. I don’t think this makes you a bad person, I think it makes you a person.

If you smell, are dressed in tattered clothing, and are dirty, most of us are going to assume that you are homeless, and that most patrons wouldn’t want to be sitting next to you as they eat. Is that wrong? Is it fucked up? That’s up to you to decide, but don’t try and bullshit me about what you’d do.  I don’t have anything against homeless people, but some of them smell really bad, and though I feel for you, that doesn’t mean I’m going to inhale the smell to show what a selfless person I am. I can hand you a few bucks, some food if I have it, or help in some other way. But I don’t want to inhale the stench, I don’t know your mental state, and I’m not fixing to find out.

So these videos where I see the guy come in and get turned away because of their appearance, then return with a fancy car and clothes to see how they are treated are bullshit. The guys who make those videos are full of shit, and they know it. I’ve seen some of them help homeless people, and that’s great, but the fact is they are doing it for the views and the camera.

Furthermore, if they were the owners of the property who a homeless person was trying to enter, I’m sure they’d also respond the same way as everyone did in these videos. This is not about being a bad person, its just how it is.

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