Homeless with a dog

Years ago I covered a story where some french activists allegedly stole a dog from a homeless man. It looks like the video is gone, but it was infuriating to me! Perhaps the intentions of these do-gooders are honorable, but just because you are homeless with a dog, doesn’t mean that some activists get to take it from you!

In any case, this brings me to Lucy and her owner, a youngish, looking white guy. He looks like those kind of grunge dudes who leave their homes. I see him there everyday, and when I go to the mall, I notice two others that appear to dress in the same style. In any case, this dude has a small Pit Bull named lucy, she’s a very cute dog, but he’s clearly struggling. That being said, he’s pretty docile and not aggressive in his behavior, he sits by the steps reading a book and he doesn’t harass or bother anyone. I do hope that both he and lucy are eating some food and staying warm. I do see people stopping by and talking to him and the dog all the time.

Now, we know the weather has been very cold, snowing, rainy, and difficult for anyone out there. So some days ago I saw him walking the dog towards the bottom of the stairwell, I have no issue with that. However, I realized just in time to dodge it, that Lucy had dropped a huge, hot, steamy load of poop on the floor near the metrocard vending machine. Yo, if I stepped on that, my sneakers would be done! It was a big one!

This is where we start to have complications with the arrangement. It’s one thing to park yourself and setup shop in that space, but to walk your dog in the vending machine area, and then let her poop a huge dump right there, that’s not cool. Don’t misunderstand me, I know its cold, and I get it. But the least you can do is clean up after your dog, right? The rest of us clean up our dog’s poop, so why should you be any different?

I didn’t step on the poop, so I didn’t say anything, but this was not cool. I did notice that after this he was gone from the space for a few days. It is likely that they kicked him out when cleaning and finding that snickers sized turd steaming on the floor.

I like to think that we are all compassionate people, but if you are gonna make that train station your temporary home, at least clean up your dog’s poop man. Am I right or am I right?

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