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Does hootsuite give a hoot?

Recently, I decided to have a trial run of Hootsuite professional. I wanted to try out the bulk uploader, and also add more accounts to Hootsuite. So I am doing the one-month trial. Shortly after signing up for this, I started to receive emails about how to use Hootsuite more efficiently, and so on.

So I decided to make contact, I informed the person that the only way I was using Hootsuite was for scheduling posts and managing multiple accounts, as such I would enjoy the 15-minute session. I was provided some steps to take in order to set up a meeting, so I did that, created an account on the calendar system and so on.

I was looking forward to the date of the meeting, planned my time around it. I canceled a gym session, and made sure to be sitting at home, in front of the computer, with the phone by my side. I sat there, eagerly awaiting the call. The scheduled time came, but no phone call; I figured that something came up, so I continued to wait for a call that just never came.

This reminds me of that horrible driving school, Acai driving school, in Woodside. The driver never showed up several driving lessons, no call, nothing. Terrible, and unprofessional.

I emailed the Hootsuite person, and asked if she forgot about me. To this day, I haven’t heard back from her. Maybe she’s on vacation? Maybe she got let go? Maybe she’s hurt? I hope she’s not hurt; I hope that she is simply unprofessional, but at least healthy and safe where ever she happens to be.

In Hootsuite’s defense, as soon as I tweeted out about this, they responded and tried to make contact. On that day, I had a really bad taste in my mouth, so I told them thank you, but no thank you. I’m considering other platforms that may do what I need at this point. However, their social media accounts were responsive and prompt. I can’t take that from them.

One of my most valuable assets is my time, and one of the things I most despise, is when someone wastes it. It’s not as if I don’t have tons of things to do right? I have plenty of time cycles to sit and idly wait for a phone call. In any case, we will see what happens. I’ll examine buffer app more closely, and search around online to see what the other competition is. We’ll see what happens.

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6 years ago

Does hootsuite give a hoot?

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