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Hotel and Restaurant at Publick House


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One of my longest, dearest friends was recently married. When we were still kids she moved over to Massachusetts and has since gone on to make her life there. Naturally when she invited me to her wedding I knew I’d be in Massachusetts. The reception as well as our lodging accommodations were at the Historic Publick House.

Let’s start with the food:

After a very long commute my wife and I were starving, so the priority was eating right away. Once we arrived at the Publick house and checked in we headed over to the restaurant luggage and all. It was time to eat!

arodomus publick

Check me out drinking some fresh squeezed orange juice, good o.j too, not that bad tasting stuff you get at some places. They started us off with a variety of breads that ranged from regular bread to cinnamon swirl type bread, really delicious. For our real starters me and my wife shared a crab cake dish.

crab cake publick house

This dish was really good. The texture outside the crab cake was just the right amount of crunchy, not soggy or oily like many places do. The inside of the crab cake was also spot on in regards to being just the right texture.  The taste of the item was just as good as it should be, and the sauce that is on the side was absolutely delicious, so good. YUM. The food here felt like it was made with care, you sense that as you eat because it’s really good.

As a main dish my wife has the fish and chips, of which I ate a good portion as well. I’m not a huge fan of fish and chips, not that I don’t like it, but its never a dish I order because its just too damn simple. However I would imagine that this is as good as fish and chips gets. I had some when visiting Australia and I don’t recall being particularly impressed, this one was pretty good.

For my main dish I had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. This was heaven. I even had gravy and I NEVER eat gravy. The meatloaf was simply delicious, and those mashed potatoes were also delicious. I wish I could just put my taste bud’s reaction on this post, but I can’t, so you’ll have to take my word that it was delicious.

During the wedding reception I had the Salmon dish. This meal wasn’t as good as the food we had for lunch at the restaurant, but it was still pretty good. We had some smaller dishes and the food was ok, but that meatloaf is the frontrunner by miles.

aileen group

Let’s move on to The hotel:

NYC is all about the hustle and the bustle. Everything here has to be done fast, double time, things move super fast, restaurants and fast food places run assembly lines. RUSH, RUSH, RUSH.  Hurry up I’m running late. Run…

Well, upon arriving at the town of Sturbridge, we realized that life there is just slower. We were only in town for one night, so we didn’t get to adjust and slow down, but you can feel it in the air. When checking in, the young lady was relaxed and easy. When ordering our food the old lady was sweet, nice, and moved quite slowly. You can immediately tell that they lead a much calmer life and you can’t expect the speed of NYC. I do envy them their lifestyles.

Getting our room was relatively smooth. We arrived a bit before “checkin” time so our rooms were not ready, however the young lady in the front was able to sort us out and moved us to another room that was available.

view publick

The room was nice, clean, comfortable and overall quite nice. They had the usual amenities a tv, comforters, etc. We slept pretty comfortably here, I woke up feeling rested after a good night’s sleep. Do note that you need a car if you come here (obviously), everything is pretty far away. Even from the front desk to the room where we stayed in was a short hike.

Overall the experience at this historic hotel and restaurant was quite pleasant. If you travel to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, this is definitely a nice place to visit for dinner and to spend a couple of nights.

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7 years ago

Map for Publick House: – RT Hotel and Restaurant at Publick House #hotel #r…

7 years ago

Hotel and Restaurant at Publick House via

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Jess @UsedYorkCity
7 years ago

Congrats to your friend! This looks like a nice, quick getaway from NYC, thanks for the review!:-)

7 years ago

Publick House: – RT Hotel and Restaurant at Publick House

7 years ago

Hotel and Restaurant at Publick House

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